MTA provides machines sales from a wide variety of distrubutors, machine types and lines to match your shop with the best option for you. MTA has vast knowledge and experience with countless machines, and can help you select the one that's right for you by showing you first-hand machines in person.

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Equipment moving and installation, Repair of CNC controls, Electrical troubleshooting, Machine geometrics and alignments, Renishaw ball services, Laser pitch error calibration, Mechanical repairs, Preventative maintenance, Machine inspections, Programming/application support, and Cycle time reduction.

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  • Koma: 4th and 5th axis rotary tables
  • Kurt, Chick & Buck: Workholding devices
  • Command, Lyndex/ Nikken, Techniks: Spindle tooling for machining centers
  • Renishaw: Machine tool probing, gauging & tool setting
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  • Comeq: Shears, Brakes, Roundo, CNC Plate, Punching & Notchers
  • Sharp: Manual Machines
  • Lagun: Manual Vertical Mills & American Turnmaster Lathes
  • Cosen: Horizontal Automatic Band Saws
  • and much more!
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Need spare parts for your machine? MTA can find the right part for your machine, even if you can't. We have the reseources and connections neccesary to get you the right part for the right machine. Call us!

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Machines For A Vast Array Industries

Covering industries across the globe, we have machines that can be itegrated with almost any industry. From complex Aerospace manufacturing to the Automotive sector, and from Construction and Electonics to high-senstive industries such as the Medical and Security arenas, MTA can find a machine solution for every shop.
If there is a specific machine type you are looking for, use the search bar at the top of our site to narrow it down. Feel free to reach out to us if you still need assistance looking for the perfect machine or would like to schedule a meeting.

MTA Company, Inc. is focused on reduction of direct labor and embracing the "lean thinking" philosophy. Partner with MTA Company, Inc. for a solid and profitable future!

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